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glassybaby and a very important scholarship

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

How was your week? By far the best part of my week was finishing up the glassybaby fundraiser and getting to the final steps for the Laura Lea O'Brien scholarship.


You may of heard about by now. Sigma Psi Sigma launched our 2023 Holiday Fundraiser - a set of AXO inspired glassybaby. Sitting in front of me is the Symphony Set. And I just bought a Golden Lyre as a Christmas gift for my daughter's voice teacher. Red Carnation looks a little pink in photos but I can tell you it is red. Same with Golden Lyre. It glows gold - not orange. Holy Moly these are pretty!

As many of us in Washington, Oregon, and California know; glassybaby has a bit of a cult following. They're solid pieces of hand-made art and are well known for the charitable donations. What makes this fundraiser all the more special to me is that it is the official kick-off to a very special scholarship fund.

Laura Lea O'Brien Scholarship

Working with the O’Brien family and the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation, Sigma Psi Sigma is pleased to announce the Laura Lea O’Brien Scholarship. This Spring one deserving Alpha Chi in the Omega chapter will be the first recipient.

Our deepest thanks to Darby Larsen and the O’Brien family for sharing the loving, force of nature that is Laura Lea with us for so many years. Forever in our hearts! LITB ❤️💚

A percentage of the net proceeds from the glassybaby fundraiser will be donated by Sigma Psi Sigma in addition to the 3% donated by glassybaby. Also, we will be sharing information in the next two weeks on how to make individual donations, corporate matching donations, and stock donations.

A special thank you to Tracy Hyde Isacson who worked with the O’Brien family and the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation to make this happen. 🌹

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