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Laura Lea Lewis O'Brien Honor Campaign

Updated: Apr 30

On May 1, 2023 family, friends, and AXO sisters gathered to celebrate the life of Laura Lea O’Brien and her heroic decision to donate her organs. This was one of many selfless acts Laura Lea made throughout her life.  Laura Lea spent countless hours donating her time, energy, and expertise to many different organizations and community events to better the lives of others. You may have known Laura Lea as a local pharmacist, an active PTA/band mom, a local 4-H leader, a church pianist, an advocate for school bonds, an enthusiastic high school and university booster, or as a sorority sister who later continued to serve the organization as a chapter advisor. No matter what path in life Laura Lea crossed, it was apparent she had drive and dedication in every facet of her busy life.


Laura Lea joined Alpha Chi Omega at WSU as a freshman in 1988. Her strong leadership skills drove her to serve on the executive board as Vice President of Fraternity Relations and later as President of the Omega Chapter. Although her time at WSU came to an end when she graduated in 1993  her dedication to Alpha Chi Omega did not. She continued to be an active force and advocate for the sorority in her adulthood. When her own daughter pledged Alpha Chi Omega, she could not have been more proud. As an Alpha Chi Mom, Laura Lea took charge as President of the Parents Club. As her years of enjoying Mom’s weekends came to an end, she continued her dedication to the sorority, volunteering her time as a Ritual Advisor for the Omega Chapter. Alpha Chi Omega is an organization that Laura Lea loved being a part of.  It was this love, commitment, and dedication that prompted the creation of the Laura Lea Lewis O’Brien scholarship for the Omega Chapter at Washington State University in her honor to continue to benefit the collegiate girls that share her sisterhood. 


Today we remember Laura Lea, as a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister, and for the continued impact she has on those she never met through her gift of organ donation. We continue to honor her legacy as we strive to raise the remaining $17,000 of the $25,000 needed to create a continuous annual scholarship in her name.  Please take a moment today to consider donating to the Laura Lea Lewis O’Brien scholarship and becoming an organ donor to impact the lives of others. 


In loving memory and celebration of Laura Lea's honor walk one year ago, we are honored to announce the launch of a $5000 Match Campaign for the Laura Lea Lewis O'Brien Scholarship Fund. For a limited time, every contribution donated to the fund will be matched dollar for dollar by the Cafferty sisters: Michelle (PC '89) and Lynn (PC '91), up to a total of $5000.  Act now!  Please help us honor Laura Lea's legacy of service by reaching our 2024 fundraising goal of $25,000 and doubling or possibly tripling the impact of your donation amount if your workplace or other organization matches funds. 


The Alpha Chi Omega foundation is a 501(c)(3) entity, qualifying for donations for corporate matching gifts from most employers, as well as a tax-deductible donation for yourself.


Thank you for all your donations thus far and know that they have been very much appreciated!


Darby O'Brien Larsen

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