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5 take-aways from the Sigma Psi Sigma annual meeting


1. We raised a lot of money

Even as someone who has been deeply involved in events and fundraising this year, I was surprised how much money we raised. When I joined Sigma Psi Sigma planning meetings, we only had a few hundred dollars in our account. But...through the generosity of our sisters, and friends of AXO, Sigma Psi Sigma raised over $7,000 (before expenses) for events such as Hera Day, Recruitment Lunch, the auction, and the glassybaby fundraiser.

2. We had some major contributions from anonymous sisters

We have some generous anonymous sisters who really helped out in 2023. When we raised money for the recruitment lunch, one anonymous sister made a donation that amounted to 30% of the total collected. Anonymous sisters helped out the cruise, Founders Day coffee, and other events too.

3. We had a lot of distributions and expenses

The great news is that we are able to support Omega to the tune of over $5,000 total as well as pay our expenses from web site hosting fees, auction expenses, glassybaby costs, cruise costs, auction watch party, and more. We paid dues to HQ for all of our members. We were also able to make a donation to the Laura Lea O'Brien scholarship in addition to the glassybaby contribution of $3 per glassybaby.

4. We have a solid budget for 2023-2024

The great news is that we are set up to fully fund 2023-2024 fixed operating costs and won't need to rely on our anonymous sisters investments. And, we'll be able to partially fund some sisterhood events. Thank you for supporting our Omega Alumnae community!

5. This all happened because of you!

Omega sisters near and far believe in the importance of social connection. We came together this year with energy, commitment, empathy, and true affection. For some, this meant simply becoming a member. For others, it meant going to events. Every action counts and Sigma Psi Sigma deeply thanks you. LITB

Thank You

Christmas Tea on December 2

Fun will be had by all! Or your money back! Tickets are only $5.00

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Nov 21, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Spectacular writing...

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